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Kansas 10 point

After 2 years I finally was successful in Kansas. And I would have to say it was worth the wait! I headed out to Kansas on a DIY public land hunt with high hopes. Last year’s tag sandwich had left a bitter taste in my mouth, but I had a positive attitude about this trip. I arrived in camp late Friday night, November 5th. After scouting and hanging stands most of the day on Saturday I was anxiously awaiting climbing in the stand. Sunday proved to be different from last year, as I seen 12 deer and one good buck. The next day things started to seem all to familiar. Over the  next few days deer movement was sparse. I was getting pretty frustrated.

On November 10th, the temps started to drop. The temps were going to drop down in the 30s that night and the deer could feel it. I seen a good buck and numerous other deer. The next morning, november 11th, was the day. The bucks were moving good. I saw 4 different border line shooters and this bruiser. He chased a 130ish inch 9pt off as they were in pursuit of a hot doe. The buck gave me a good broadside shot as he was heading back to tend to his doe. I took it and watched him fall within a few yards. With all the excitement I didn’t know how big he was. The bodies on these Kansas deer are huge, making the rack look smaller than they are. Upon walking up on him, I was shocked. A bruiser of a buck, 161 1/4 inches to be exact. I was taken back, I couldn’t belive it. Two years in the making and I had shot my dream buck. He dressed out at 210lbs. I’m looking forward to checking out the footage and reliving it all over again.


Heating up

…..or should I say cooling down! The temps are starting to drop and the deer activity is picking up. It’s that time of year!!! I get so excited this time of year when a cool front roles in. The deer seem to really get up and on their feet during daylight hours.

Yesterdays highs were in the upper 60’s and the low for last night was forecasted for 33. That’s a big drop from what it has been. Evan and me decided we needed to be in a tree. We felt like the deer would moving good and hopefully we could get on a buck. We headed out to one of our sets that we have hung on some public ground here in Central Arkansas. Not long after settling into the tree we caught our first glimpse of a deer. It was a small spike or fork horn. It didn’t stop there, we continued to see bucks coming in and hitting a scrape and working over some rubs. While watching one of the smaller bucks I caught glimpse of what I thought was a good shooter. I alerted Evan, and we waited for a good shot and view with the camera. Evan made a good 30 yard shot and the buck didn’t run 60-70 yards. But it just so happened to be in a thicket. The buck had a little ground shrinkage and turned out to only be a 5 point. Never the less, it was a great hunt, and a good buck for public land here in Arkansas. After some celebrating the work began. Congrats Evan!

Mid October

Things are usually slow this time of year. Big bucks seem to be moving mostly at night. I think mainly due to the warm weather and that they know they need to stock up on groceries and conserve energy for the rut. Hopefully we will get some cooler weather in the coming weeks and the big buck activity will start to pick up during daylight hours.

Jason and Shawn was able to make due during the “October lull” by harvesting a couple of does on camera. They each took a doe this past weekend with their bows.

Things should really start to pick up in the next couple of weeks. We all have some out of state trips planned and also look forward to chasing around the bucks here in our home state. I’ve attached a few bucks that have shown up recently on trail cam. It’s only a matter of time before they get stupid and start running around senseless.

Opening Weekend

The season is off to a good start! Jason was able to get a 8pt buck on the ground opening evening (pics to come shortly) and Evan and I was able to connect with a doe doing a little spot and stalk. We are pretty excited about our second season of production, and so far things are looking good. We’ve got the whole season in front of us.

Jason and Shawn went out the first evening of opening day and sat on one of the flood plots they had worked in a few weeks ago. After a few High and Low moments Jason was able to make a good shot on a tight racked 8 pt. After a short tracking job and recovery the celebration began.

Evan and I headed out to some of the public land here in Central Arkansas. After setting some stands and seeing a few deer, we decided to get down and do a little scouting / spot and stock. We were able to seal the deal when 5 to 6 does made it our way down a path. This was my first time at a chance at a deer from the ground, and let me tell you… it was intense! I connected at about 25 yards. We were both pretty jacked. The doe didnt go far, but was  a tough find, as she bailed off in the big tall grass along the trail.  It should make for some pretty good footage.

Hopefully our luck continues as the season progresses.

Opening Day!

It’s opening day here in Arkansas and all the team members are held hostage at work. We are all anxiously awaiting climbing in a tree this evening. The weather is shaping up to be great this weekend. As far as I can remember, it’s the coolest on opening weekend that is has been in years. It’s usually 90+ degrees.

Hopefully we will be reporting back soon with some good news and good stories. I hope everyone has a great and successful weekend and especially a safe one. Good luck to everyone and happy hunting! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!


Bear Season in Zone 2 opens today, and Oct. 1 in Zone 1. Deer season is a mere 15 days away here in Arkansas. Missouri opens today, Kansas opens the 20th. It’s time to hit the woods!!

Trail cam pics are coming in strong. We’ve got bears baited and coming in in both zones. We’ve got tons of deer pics on the trail cams also. The weather has been nice and cool. To say we are ready to hit the woods, is an understatement. This time of year always builds alot of excitement and anticipation for the openers.

Here are a couple of the bears coming in. They are showing alot of daytime activity, so hopefully they will continue till we are able to get in the stand and get a look at one.

Episode 5

Episode 5 is online if anyone wants to check it out!!!!

A little bowfishing on the Arkansas River

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